"Kelly Suazo-Davis is a fantastic entrepreneur who believes in empowering communities. She is brilliant and professional. One of the most hardworking individuals I know. Her business and nonprofit experience gives her a unique perspective on leadership development." Tatiana Matta, Board Member MSAN (Political Candidate CA23)

There is power in intervention. Kelly, deliveries a dynamic workshop which is action-driven and engaging for participants. Focusing on Leadership & Advocacy, Bystander Intervention.  Kelly drives the importance of civic engagement and calling on leadership to fully dedicate time, skills, and committed personnel to SHARP programs. I truly believe in her statement “If you can’t give 100% to something, you don’t need to do it.” CPT Jones, Department of Defense-SHARP

"It is funny when a moment in your life becomes a total cliche! Well, it was like that when I first met Kelly Davis. We saw each other and we connected immediately! For the last two years, we have grown to be great friends. I felt very comfortable sharing with her many ideas and thoughts of things that I wanted to do and possibly even turning it into a business. Kelly heard me and went to town with it. She got on my computer and found websites, made phone calls, took notes and had me on my way. There were two different business ideas that I really wanted to explore and she helped me with both, all I had to do is choose one. She even helped me come up with a name for my business. Since then I have started my own company. Kelly has been a wonderful friend and has coached me through this time in my life where I have always felt stuck and unsure about taking a step forward in making it a reality. Thank you, my dear friend.” MERCEDES “LA PICOSA”

"Since the day that I met Kelly, her desire to uplift those around her has been evident. She is a visionary with a passion for empowering and encouraging other women to go after their desires and dreams! As I struggled in my business in the past, Kelly was there to help encourage me and believed in me every step of the way. Today, instead of throwing in the towel back then, I am still a business owner who has grown more confident since that day. She illuminates God’s love and grace through her words and her actions and truly desires to see other women succeed. Rather professionally, personally, developmentally or spiritually, you can always count on her to have a word of encouragement and empowerment that you won’t find anywhere else. Thank you, Kelly, for believing and living God’s will for your life!” Jodi-Lynn RuizBusiness Owner, Worldwide Military Spouse

"It is with great pleasure and honor, to relate the following addressing the professional guidance she has rendered to me. In the little time that we’ve known each other her professional and personal opinion has shaped me to be a better person. She has helped me countless times inspiring me to better myself and believe in my dreams. Last year I enthralled to pursue my passion of singing while working with her she moved earth and sea to get me to my destination. Not only is she devoted to people, she is passionate and truly believes in others. Her life reflects her beliefs and faith. Her career advice has always been welcomed and because of it I have landed two different jobs, one of which is my dream job. Her advice includes but is not limited to matter of fashion, ethics, and self-esteem. I will forever be grateful to Miss Kelly Davis, she has always been an inspiration and a role model to both women and men.” LILY

"Kelly Suazo-Davis is an amazing addition to any team looking to propel themselves to the next levels. Her ability to think outside of the box, produce deliverables, and interact with a diverse clientele is a welcomed trait in today's world of business. I look forward to working with Mrs. Suazo-Davis again in the near future.” E. Williams OWNER/AUTHOR

Kelly was wonderfully organized and had some great ideas that I had not even considered.  She spent quality time explaining the various aspects of how to make the most of my business plan.  Her enthusiasm is contagious, and I became encouraged by her optimism for my success.  I would strongly recommend Kelly’s services for anyone in the market for consulting and coaching." Lesa Harris; Owner of “Spotless and Sparkling”

"Kelly has an amazing gift of inspiring and getting you to see your true potential. I feel better positioned for successful business growth and feel like she helped me see the obstacles in front of me. I am very confident she can do the same for anybody struggling to find their way. Most importantly she will inspire you and be your biggest supporter." Veronica Benson; Business Owner