What materials do workshops include?

Each workshop includes a specially developed course curriculum. Materials are engaging, updated continually, and supplemented where appropriate with surveys, case studies, exhibits, and practical exercises that reinforce major principles.

In some workshops, video examples, computer-based applications, published materials, multimedia, and the Internet also provide support to traditional techniques.

 Who are the instructors?

Anchor In instructors are powerful facilitators – men and women who have honed their craft, disciplines and practiced them with distinction in public and private sectors. They are:

  • Dynamic presenters

  • Leaders amongst peers

  • Skillful and passionate facilitators

  • Grounded in subject matters, social impact  knowledge, and management strategies

  • Dedicated to the success of the participants

Where will you conduct the workshop?

  • Email our Executive Liaison rita@anchorin.co  for information about workshops at your location.

  • Client on–site and customized programs offer many benefits:

  • Cost effective: You save on tuition costs.

  • Convenience: Training is scheduled to meet your schedule and accommodate your workload.

  • Targeted training: We customize curriculums to fit your group, engage each participant in the same way, and will create an environment of shared experiences.

  • Flexibility: Our customized workshops can be combined, lengthened, or shortened with new subjects added or created – and designed specifically for your organization.

  • Proven Facilitators: Are experts in their fields with a commitment to sharing their knowledge and engaging each participate.  

  • High-quality creditable materials. Each participant will receive a complete workshop outline and resources – an essential reference long after the workshop is completed.

  • Leaders Vision: Holding an on-site workshop sends a positive message that your organization is investing in enhancing the skills of your leaders, staff and shareholders.

 What workshops are available? 

Anchor In develops, continually updates and conducts practical competency-based results oriented courses in; 

  •  Leadership

  • Management
  • Professional development
  • Education & Training- Sexual violence
  • Business Consulting

For information about specific courses please request brochure at info@anchorin.co.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. For military members and non-profit organizations, the following group discounts apply;

  • 5-9 participants receive a 5% discount
  • 10 or more participants receive a 10% discount