Our Story

Today many organizations find themselves in a stalemate, unable to increase productivity and employee engagement.  Likewise, many people are frustrated in their personal and professional careers. Many people are working, but feel as if they are not working in their purpose.  As a result, many employees are not engaged in their work. Thus, leading to loss in productivity and high turnover rates for an organization. If this is you, we understand, and this is where we come in.

ANCHOR IN is a multifunctional organization aimed at human capital development.  ANCHOR IN is grounded by four fundamental principles known as the Pillars of ANCHOR IN, and led by the organizations Core Values. Collectively the principles and core values provide a foundation that empowers and inspires personal and professional development.  We are dedicated to empowering the person, and training the professional to influence the organization and community.

ANCHOR IN not only provides customized training for personal and professional leader development, we also develop advocacy training for commercial, nonprofit, government, and community organizations. The program focuses on increasing organizational awareness equipping the competency of every participant to act.

The heart of ANCHOR IN resides in developing people to follow their passion.  As such, we foster partnerships with organizations that share our Core Values. We are committed to the community, person, professional, and organization.  We help to ANCHOR you IN what sets your soul on fire!