Leadership Development

~Leadership at every level~

Our Leadership Development Program is designed to equip and empower people within organizations to become transformational leaders that influence, build trust, optimize personnel performance, and make an impact to an organization’s bottom line. 

Clients will learn to motivate, encourage creativity, and develop future leaders that will propel any organization to succeed. Clients implementing a Transformational Leadership Style will unveil new potential, inspire teams, and maximize professional development.    

Our Process

Our approach to Transformational Leadership Style Development:

  • Leaders Blue Print
  • Transforming Leaders
  • Coaching and Leadership 

Personal Development

That is exactly what we do! We get to know You, your passions, talents, hobbies, and personal growth goals.  We walk you through the process of discovering your Design, Purpose, & Life Strategy to thrive and achieve personal growth, skills to lead-self, realistic goal setting, and teach practical approach to implementing new personal management systems tailored to You. 

Our Process

Our approach to personal growth has four discovery phases:

  • Character and Principles identification
  • Strengthen Interpersonal Relationships 
  • Unveiling personal Vision (Your Why) 
  • Engage & Inspire 


ANCHOR IN develops customized Advocacy Trainings focused on Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment and Bystander Intervention. We equip people on how to identify un-welcomed behaviors and implement safe intervention techniques designed to address behaviors before an incident escalates. Our Bystander Intervention program is aimed at eradicating Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment within every organization.

ANCHOR IN offers Consultancy to analyze and evaluate organizational effectives of reporting process and procedures, managing, and processing Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment incidents within all Industries and Sectors.  ANCHOR IN data collection process to analyze culture and organizational strategy may result in providing recommendations and changes to processes and procedures.  ANCHOR IN  Advocacy Program development, implementation, and Leadership Strategy.